Being Productive and Being Busy.

It’s feels good to be busy. It’s like all the awesomeness of productivity without all of the work.


Except most of the time we actually want what productivity provides. The step forward toward a dream or a goal. The ability to say we have accomplished something. Getting out of the rut of busy can be difficult. Below are 5 steps that will move you from moving paper to making paper.

1. List things out!  You can use the GTD method, the      Oh – remember lists are never done. They will never be complete. So relax and go to sleep with a light heart knowing you got the most important things done.

2. Take breaks. While skipping lunch might seem the appropriate “I’m to busy and productive” thing to do. It hinders you in the end. It’s like trying to talk your car out of needing gas. It doesn’t work and you look slightly crazy.

Except if your car is KITT. You're not crazy if you're talking to KITT.

Except if your car is KITT. You’re not crazy if you’re talking to KITT.


3. Do a happy dance. Enjoy the progress you make. If you got that first cold call out of the way – do the running man!

4. Say NO! The awesome thing about NO is that it does not physically close doors. So while an opportunity might not be right for you now – you can revisit it later. And there’s no iron door blocking you.

5. Rinse and Repeat. I promise – if you keep doing these steps you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish and that you are not out of your mind.


What do you do to stay productive?


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This makes my heart sing…

This will be short and simple. My favorite quote ever:

I'll be loving you until the day 8 x 8 x

Here is the song that it comes from. I love the interlude. You cannot listen to this and not be happy.


Where do your favorite quotes come from?


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Learning from spilt milk?

Hindsight is a terrible thing. It leads you to believe that what is so patently obvious to you now should have been patently obvious then. This, of course, is not the truth. What is true, is that now is the best time to sprint forward. Because let’s be serious, hindsight will always add its two cents. What you cannot recover from is middling around until the opportunity is no longer an opportunity but this:



And that is just sad.

However, curiosity got me and I ruminated on what I would tell my younger self.

This is what I came up with:

1. Communicate – People actually like to here your opinion,thoughts, and ideas when they care.

2. Your body will do weird things – Don’t let the mechanics of your body being your body let you stop living your life.

3.You’re Enough – Who you are is enough, you just have to share.

But that really doesn’t matter because the Journey is how I got here. Besides, if I told myself what I know now I’d have a whole host of other things to learn.

Now here’s a doozy. We all know what we would tell our 11-year-old self is patently obvious. What would you tell your last week self?



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Tips for meeting _____ type people

How do you find people that make your heart sing. How do you connect with those who not only bring you up but make you laugh? At WHO?Bags we’re always looking for woman who reflect acknowledgment, passion, and commitment as part of their core. And to find them we do a lot of things. But really it just boils down to:

Tips for meeting _____ type people. Because really it’s just about meeting people.


We all want to be listened to – but more than that it makes it easier to connect. I don’t know what we share until I know you.


People actually want to know who you are. And the ones that don’t well, we don’t have to say anything there.


Keep doing this until you can’t imagine life without this person and you’re besties. Or until you can call them up and have a drink.

Either way this is short because the steps are simple.  We get in the way sometimes. But making friends, a constant opening up and sharing and then listening, is easy. Every now and then you throw in a libation and it’s perfect.

However, I have been known to view things in a completely black and white way. What did I miss in the process of making friends. Is it not that easy?



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Memes that make me go oooh!

I have this post to save the memes I come across that I just love. Go ahead and bookmark it and check back often.

9241389893_ff00f10886_o Life expectancy would grow by leaps and “Everything you want is on the other Let's just relax and expand together.EVERYTHING Janelle Alex


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