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Hello world!

WHO?Bags are handcrafted fabric handbags stitched with an inspirational message that tells the story of the woman carrying the bag.  In honor of the women in our lives, we are launching the company with   The Radiant Woman Campaign.

We all know women who live their lives like this:

The radiant woman is a conqueror of adversity.   Her love of God, family, and self knows no boundaries.  She embraces the spirit within and around her sphere.  Her boundless energy & gentle touches shape communities.   She is a change agent.

Our goal is to acknowledge the power, beauty and kindness of 1000 women by 1 Dec 2009.

Imagine the difference we can make by telling the women in our lives why they matter to us.   Imagine the ripple of pure  joy and delight,  as each woman acknowledges three women.    Imagine what is possible as we own our power to benefit others.

To reach 1000 women, we ask that you acknowledge at least 3 women in your life.

If you care about making someone you love smile,  if you are out to make a difference for another woman — then tell her how she rocks the world we live in.

If she hears it from you, she will believe — and in this belief lies power, growth and opportunity.    Let’s play!


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