When Did You Become a WHO?Woman?

So, what exactly is that?

I’ve heard it so much I ‘m used to the phrase, but it occurred to me others might not be.  So I thought I’d share quickly. A WHO?Woman is a woman who is inspired and unstoppable in anything that matters to her. Now, its easy to say “That’s not me ’cause I have this issue and this issue and this is not working in my life.” But, if you think about it.

Really think about it.

You are.

You are because you wake up every day and you do the d*mn thing. You persevere for others and are resourceful. And whether your horn is aplenty now or a little lean, you make it happen. Remember that just because it does not look like you think it should, does not mean its not working. It just means it looks different.

For example,  I had a team call (I’m on a team to eliminate debt in our lives and to have freedom and ease around money) and when I got off the call I was a little disappointed. I thought people should have talked about certain topics to really get across that the team was having a positive effect in their lives. And my mom called me later and asked me how I felt things went and I was all well blah blah blah. And I won’t forget what she told me.  She wanted me to consider that the goals of the team were fulfilled because the team was talking about money with fun and ease and everyone was moving toward their goals. And I was like well, when you put it that way yea it was a success.

I say all that to say- take a step back. Sometimes we are so focused on specific measures that we forget the success in our lives. So declare yourself a WHO?Woman! And share with us. What makes you inspired and unstoppable?


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