Black History Month

So it is Black History Month(BHM). What exactly does that mean? Why is there a month? It often occurs to me appreciation should be more consistent and not a month long marketing blitz. But I digress.

What I want to highlight is acknowledgment and what it creates. BHM was created as a space to acknowledge all the contributions that black people have made in an on going manner. So what does acknowledgment do? It allows for us to let others know we appreciate them and, in turn, get really present to who they are for us. So, have you ever thanked your mom for what she did for you? (birth, diaper, feeding, the whole nine yards) And realized in that moment how much she did for you? It’s really an amazing thing. You can do that with anyone. Even if you don’t know what to say – create something and watch it be true. Yea, it does sound like a lot of blah blah. But I guarantee if you take it on. You will be amazed by what you walk away with.

It’s the same with BHM. Really taking the time to look at the contributions that were made which allow us (us being anyone who can breathe) to do what we do is really quite amazing. Take for example Mae C. Jemison who was an astronaut when it wasn’t cool, or Matthew Henson whose boundaries were limitless, or even Zora Neale Hurston who was a prolific writer during the Harlem Renaissance. These people followed their passion and consequently new realms were opened to us. Kinda cool.

For me, what these and others have done is create a space for me to try things out and know that I can do them, no matter what others say. What did they do for you?


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