WHO?Women: Evelyn Mickles

As I stated before, we are going to be looking into the women who help create and push WHO?International forward. These women are dedicated to all women knowing their power. Our first interview is with Evelyn Mickles and what an awesome woman she is!!

Evelyn Mickles is 53 and on fire. She supervises the legal departments of 13 military bases across the nation. She is madly in love and has been married for 33 years (which, I admit , is longer than I have been alive). From this union, she has 3 wonderful daughters 36, 34, and 32 and three grand children (ages 9,7, and 2). WHO? she is is a woman of passion and play.

Q. What are you passionate about? And how has this affected your life?

A. I am passionate about people having the lives they want. And I want to contribute to that in any way I can. I don’t want people to give up  on their dream. So, when people meet me and get to know me they understand that. It shows up when people ask for help, they know they can call Mrs. Mickles and she’ll find an answer or try her very best to help you in any way she can.

In my family everyone knows that if anything is going on and I am involved; it will turn out ok. I believe that if you care about people it shows up in the quality of your work because you double check yourself. Sometimes things don’t turn out as you expect. But you review what you have done and make improvements for next time.

Q. How has being a WHO? Woman affected your life?

A. For me, the most important aspect is – what it represents – honoring and recognizing people – it totally fits into my personality and who I am. WHO? is about that. If I see someone across the room, I can see who they are in the world or who someone thinks they are in the world.  It honors woman for all the things they are in the world.  It also makes them feel loved- a sense of pride.

Being a part of WHO? and being able to contribute is a blessing. Being a part of something, a company, that acknowledges people for the greatness of who they are is really a honor. When I think of WHO? It has a different place in the world than lets say Coach.  Having a WHO?Bag would represent having a love in the world… it will mean more. While a Coach bag is a status symbol.

Q. Why are you a part of WHO?

A. WHO?  is something to work towards in the world. We can do many things in life but many don’t leave a legacy. WHO? will be that- honoring children and women leaving a lasting impression.  It will be profitable and have a positive important effect on the world- people getting that they matter.

Look out for more WHO?Women to come. If you have a WHO?Woman in your life let us know in the comments section.

Find her at evelyn@mywhobag.com


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  1. Carolotta A. Forester-Langford

    I was so excited when I send the other bags that had been purchased by other sisters at Evelyn Mickles house. The words of encouragement engraved in the inside really touched my heart also the names on the outside shined a glow. I will wear my bag that I just ordered to represent the power of God in our women and the unity that we behold in our souls. It will be with Godly pride that I will wear it just like the joy I send on Evelyn Mickles face when she introduced the bags to the whole group of sisters. What a blessing it will be for everything that I place in my bag to be a blessing for someone else. WOW! what a vision.


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