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How to become a charter WHO?Woman (it’s fun!)

Every day, in every country, women use Bags. We thought, since the bag is a link among women all over the world, why not use it to inspire women.

WHO?Bags are beautiful, handcrafted fabric bags embroidered with an inspirational message that tells your story. The bags answer the questions, who are you in the world?      How do you make a difference?” and are a beautiful expression of what matters to you.

WHO?Women are out to make a difference in the areas of life that matter to them. WHO?Women are every where, in every family, in every community, making things better. WHO?Women believe that life is too short to be ordinary.

Charter WHO?Women receive life long discounts and are given the first opportunity to participate in our Girlfriend Weekends and to order our limited edition products. They will also be honored on the virtual WHO?Women Wall of Honor.

We will never forget that you were the first to believe & support.  Thank you.


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