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The Radiant Women of Oak Grove Baptist Church, Louisville, KY


WOW!  What a great time we had at Oak Grove Baptist Church, Louisville, KY. Rev Thomas French is the Pastor — a man after God’s heart.

On 13 – 14  Nov, we  celebrated Women’s Day with the theme “Radiant Women Serving Christ:  Blessings in Black”  .     I must admit that I was glad to see that our Radiant Woman campaign had made  it to church!!!!

The leaders of  the team who put the program together was  Kim and Pam (another Pam).  SHOUT out  for a great victory!!!

It was awesome.  When I looked out at over 100 beautiful women dressed in Black, I knew I was in the right place.  We praised the Lord and enjoyed each others company.  It was a tremendous program .  Well  done Oak Grove, Well done. 

Roxie, who is active at Oak Grove, was a big part of the program.    Roxie,  Charter WHO?Woman, 2010,   designed her WHO?Bag.    She designed it in her favorite colors — black and red — and  embroidered  it with her favorite bible verse.  She loves it because she gets a jolt of inspiration every time she reaches into her Bag and because it is HUGE — it carries all of her stuff!  

She is showing everyone her  WHO?Bag  and telling  them how much she loves it and how it is an expression of her.   She can’t  say enough about her WHO?Bag  and how it touches her heart (and that makes me happy).  

I share Roxie’s excitement with you because  it is the reason we started  WHO?Bags — to take an item  used by women everyday, to inspire women, everyday.  

I got excited watching Roxie’s excitement!   Roxie your passion for your  church and  your WHO?Bag inspire me.  Thank you.

Watch this spot .  We will be unveiling our newest line of WHO?Bags very soon.

Until then,  love like crazy.   Be like a great  athlete —   make the people around you better.  

Today, smile at someone who doesn’t deserve it.

love and kisses



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Beautiful Fabric, Beautiful You!

Our newest Fabric!  

When I carry a WHO?Bag made out of this fabric, I carry my angels with me.  It also reminds me of the powerful Indian tribes, who wonderfully used feathers. 

Either way, we love this fabric — the crispness and bold colors that blend so beautifully together. 

Using this fabric, tell us  below what would your WHO?Bag say?

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