Who Do You Say I Am?

Several Sundays ago, I was in Danita and Don’s home with 15 other friends discussing the response to this question; who do you say I am?  The responses were amazing! People were generous and great as they told each person how they make a difference:  some people were love in the community; some were tagged for always finding a way to help people, some were pure energy and joy and others were peace into the midst of a storm.

When it was my turn, people told me that I was walking love, power and grace,  passion for people, and the space where anything is possible.  While my committment is that people live lives that they love, I wasn’t sure how this was perceived by others.   Now, I know.  I  worked hard not to ruin their gift to me (the acknowledgment)  by bringing up all of my imperfections and failures.

After all acknowledgments were complete, people were visibly moved to tears as they discussed how they would use their gift to make their families and communities better.  It was clear that the people in the room wanted other people to benefit from their gifts.

Melinda, the discussion leader, bought up WHO?Bags and explained how the Bags tell the world who you are and how you make difference (I should hire her!).    Before I knew it people were taking their responses to ”who do you say I am” and matching them to fabric!  It was an amazing experience as people found fabric that expressed the essence of their gift to the world and created an expression that inspired them.  I was moved and touched by people’s desire to be known and their created expressions of who they say they are.  My friends were touched to be acknowledged in such an authentic and simply way.

Be brave, ask someone you trust this question:  who do you say I am? This is not an opportunity for them to dump on you or try to “fix you”.  This is their opportunity to be generous and tell you how you make difference for them.  Listen with your heart as they   tell you.  Own it — even if you don’t see it (sometimes we don’t believe the good things others day about us).  Walk in that expression.




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