Memorial Day and Mali.

I was in Bamako,Mali.    We were there to teach a number of courses to include the Rule of Law and Human Rights.    I had decided that during my opening remarks, I would not review the courses that we were teaching;   instead I would speak of our partnership and how we could learn from each other.  I asked the  audience of soldiers, what it would be like if their country was the source of overflowing love for world.   I then asked,  “What would be possible if each Malian citizen was loved, nurtured and valued and if Mali  was  called upon by other countries to teach them how to build thriving communities?

It was dead silence when I finished  and then they begin to clap and stand.  That was the beginning of a great week , because  now they could see the courses as a pathway to being  a country that showed the world how to love.

That is when I confirmed for myself that people are people.  That no matter  where they are located physically,  people want their families , communities and countries to thrive  and they want it to matter that they lived.

On Memorial Day, we remember those who have made a big difference in our lives and we celebrate those who serve this great country.  Our military service members are the reason this country thrives.  Our beloved  family members  are the reason that we thrive.

As you remember  your loved ones that have died and yet profoundly impacted your life,  take a moment to think about how you will be remembered.  What  will your family remember about your contributions to their lives and the community?  What will they say was your reason for living?

Happy safe Memorial Day.

Pamela Stevenson

WHO? Woman


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