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How rich is your life?

Do the weaved complexities of your life seem like a disaster? In the middle of it all, does it seem like everything is going every which away? Pull back. Look at the fabric of what you have constructed and in it you will find beauty. Every oddly placed call, task, activity, and “mistake” weaves to create something that is uniquely yours. What fabric is a reflection of that?

Fabric Friday: Purple Flower Fabric

Fabric Friday: Blue & Brown PlaidFabric Friday: Geometric Colors


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Empowering Young Girls

Meet Evelyn Mickles, a WHO?Woman who is out to make a difference in the lives of young girls.    Evelyn created and presents a program to empower young girls called “Power Up”. Power Up is dedicated to young girls who want to live a life of hope and possibility.

Power Up is an open forum for young girls to discuss issues ranging from gossip, honesty, sex, abortion, and homosexuality in the context of faith. The young girls are encouraged to seek the God in resolving these issues for themselves and to live a fulfilled life.   The first session of Power Up was held on June 4, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. 14 girls from the ages of 12 – 18,   had their voices heard and their lives impacted.

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The event started with an icebreaker and then an inquiry into the topics that mattered to them (gossip, honesty, sex, abortion, and homosexuality).  They discussed what they knew, what the word of God says, and the consequences of different choices.  On the topic of sex, the girls had lots of questions.  They seem surprised to hear that everyone (Christians and non-Christians) are not having sex.  We found that listening to them was just as important as teaching them.

The program was a big success and was sponsored in part by WHO?Bags International.  All of the girls received a WHO?Bag with inspirational messages embroider inside that said, “You are amazing, beautiful and God loves you.”  They loved the bags.  The looks on their faces was priceless.  They were told to keep these precious gifts as a token of God’s love for them.  The girls had a lot of fun and we watched how the Lord changed lives that day.


Where do you think young girls in your life get reliable information about these  topics?

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How do you treat yourself?

In all the running around and getting things done. Have you forgotten yourself? Do you properly eat and sleep? If your body were to pick a fabric what would it say?

Happy Body FabricSad Body Fabric


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WHO? In the world – NAWOSB

WHO?Bags International will be in attendance at the National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses Network Mixer.    This will be next Thursday June 23 at the The Melia Hotel in GA.


Their goals and values are what we as WHO?Bags International support. We will be participating in their scholarship fundraiser by giving away a WHO?Bag.  Some lucky person will walk away being acknowledge or being able to acknowledge someone in their life. Come out to see us. We will also be having a secret sale that you have to be there to get!


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Whoa Whoa Whoa….We’re half way through?

So we are offically six months into 2011. What have your goals been? Did you keep them? Time to revist and repromise.  It’s the summer and life is in full bloom. Are you participating? We picked these fabric below to match the theme of renewal and determination. After all there is nothing better than a woman who knows what she wants and looks great doing it.  What do you think?


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Does a dress make a woman?

We have a great guess blogger today! This woman has a passion for others realizing their beauty. Elizabeth Herrera is a makeup artists who believes that makeup is about women being with their own beauty. She can be contacted at eherrera{at}

This morning I awoke to the task of getting dressed for my day. While it is a cursory task, it inevitably sets up my expectations and goals for the day. Everyday office armor – slacks, button-down, and loafers get me out the door. Sure this task is faced by every human being, but when you cross cultures, Does this look right?, takes on whole new meaning. As a young girl I shuttled back and forth between my parents home country of Guatemala. I remember the woven shirts and embroidered tops.  Women decorated by the wares they carried to market. Already the class distinctions were clear. My cousins, now adults, have moved to the American looks. Polo shirts and gap khakis now seem so normal against the brightly colored concrete homes. Here I stand in the U.S. wanting to capture the easy and beauty of those old outfits, and yet I have to ask, do I look to ethnic.

Dress for women who move between worlds and the tasks that define them in each, balance much more than season’s trends and personal preference. Indeed the world argues over women’s right to choose what to wear – to burka or not to burka? Perhaps reducing women’s bodies and fashions to political and classist statements is constricting and overstated. Yet, to deny that women are agents asked to choose, modern or tradition, to take stands, and set values for their daughter’s relationship to body and it’s covering is unreasonable.

On a recent trip to India for my sister-in-laws’s wedding. I packed my make-up. As someone who can’t wait to learn how women relate to beauty and dress around the world, I was amazed by how different the statements were. The old admonishment of focusing on only one feature was drowned by the goal of brightness. The colors of bold green and yellow urged my face to make a statement against the colors of my Shalwar Kameez. And as my younger sister-in-law made me over, I wondered how the new bride would experience the look of women in her new home in Germany. Would she have the language and the understanding of how her face and clothes were in play?

Perhaps the injustice that happens to us as we search for careers, health benefits, schooling and general rights supersede the restrictions of dress, but until a women can choose to dress in medical scrubs, military uniform, or have the right to set goals and limits for her own body how free are her dreams? Can she move comfortably into the goals she sets before herself if she feels pulled by the call of her childhood dress? We cannot pretend that women are not judged by how they follow beauty norms, but we can open a discussion. If we are asked to make statements about who we are, we can at least honestly discuss it first.

What do you think?

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What does your life look like?

We all have a life. But it is the subtly of our choices that give it its uniqueness. What fabric of life have you created?


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