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Your creativity.

Whether you know it or not. You are creative. I am 100% positive you are. I can say this because you are reading this now and you have your umpteen years on this Earth. What about the one time when everything was going to fail until you came up with that idea? Or what about the Halloween costume that only came into existence 10 minuets before it was needed? Or how about that idea that saved the company time and increased productivity? If you had to design your creativity, what would it look like?



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I recently relearned what leadership is all about. It is about allowing others to contribute to you so you can contribute to them. This requires vulnerability and a stand that “This shall be done”. It is easy to get caught up in the names, actions, pay, and prestige of it all. But when it boils down to it, How open are you to the contribution that others have to give?

If you take a look and notice you are not open, then you might be stuck in your leadership. Have you tried and failed  to get a promotion? Has your project stalled? Are your team members constantly changing? Take a look at where you don’t allow contribution.

This could look like not hearing others’ ideas, not hearing constructive criticism, or not even allowing others to open the door for you. This all contributes to the “I can do it all myself” persona. When you reach this point people start treating you like that. Consequently they look to you to solve problems versus solving them on their own.

Leadership requires give and take. What does your leadership look like?

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The weekend is here!

It’s another Fabric Friday and we are looking towards the weekend. What do you have planned? Is this a restful weekend after the Fourth or a hectic “gotta-get-everything-I-didn’t-get-done-last-weekend weekend”?


Hectic Weekend Fabric

Relzed Weekend Fabric

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