Never say “Now!”

Caught up. Caught up in how things should be. Caught up in the plans we made. Just caught up.  Have you ever noticed that you are so focused on the goal ahead that you neglect to see the way you are doing it might not be that effective? Take for example, Chef Big Shake, he went on Shark Tank with the hopes of raising money for his Shrimp Burger (which I am curious about, anyone had one?).  And while the Sharks thought it tasted delicious they did not want to invest.

His goal – his commitment was that he raise the funds to share something he developed with the world. If he was only focused on Shark Tank as a way to accomplish that then he might not have seen the opportunity of other investors. In fact, it could be said the investor he has now is more suited to his venture. The take away from this is that you can be committed to the goal but not how it happens or when it happens.

What are some short term goals you are working on accomplishing?

darts hitting bullseye on target for goal setting and market planning



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3 responses to “Never say “Now!”

  1. I have to agree with this completely. Especially after episode 4, which inspired a blog post from myself, lol.


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