Say What?: Restoring Communication Breakdowns

The women of WHO attended a business conference last week and had a great time. We were in a space of learning and expanding ourselves becoming bigger than we were and getting excited in the process.  However, I just wanted to share three things that became really present to me last weekend. (As a side note, I began writing a lot and so am splitting this post into 2 or 3)

1. Communication with your team will allow anything to be resolved.

During the course of the conference one of our members got in a funk. There was a miscommunication causing a breakdown in the team. This breakdown lasted a whole day affecting our group of women who are working toward a goal.

Your team can consists of any group of people in your life. And breakdowns in that team have ripple effects. You start off arguing with your spouse and you arrive at work still angry.  Make sure you have the hard conversations even if you don’t want to. They are the stepping-stones to clear communications, clear relationships, and powerfully moving forward. To have these hard conversations try this:

1. Ask what is they are thinking, not what is wrong. People are trained to say “nothing is wrong”. Get them talking about what is bothering them. We are connected to people on a fundamental level. If you feel something is off it probably is.

2. Remember it is not about you. Sometimes people explode for no reason and you might have taken it personally. Remember it is in reaction to something that is happening internally. So give them the grace to be human. Give them the grace to express themselves before you try to “fix it”. Trust me, it will make a difference.

3. Continue doing you because you never know who is looking. When you are working on your goals and it seems like no one is watching, someone is. This is the age of the internet. If you are out there and sharing you never know who is watching you.

4. Love fully, Share Completely, Trust Wholly. If you ever say you can’t because “something” happened to you, you have limited the heights of your interactions with people and consequently all the beautiful things that happen between people.

How do you deal with breakdowns in communication?



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