Be Energized. Be Renewed. Be Complete.

This is a continuation of a short series based on a conference the WHO?Women attended. I wanted to share somethings I saw as a result of that conference that changed who we were. The first post was about communication. This one stemmed from a member completing on our team powerfully. By her completion the team, including her, gained these benefits:

1. A feeling of being energized and renewed.

2.Rapidly create your next steps with people quickly agreeing.

3. Knowing that you make a difference and your contribution is valued (who doesn’t forget this?)

What it means to complete powerfully is that someone leaves a project fully acknowledged for their contribution and allowed to say what they need to say to walk away without that little voice saying ” You should have said that”. This is not a venting session. And completion does not mean everybody leave happy, although that does happen often. Completion is an opportunity to clear the muck out of the room so people feel energized. In fact, that is how you know you have successfully completed…you feel energized.  But how do you reap the benefits of completion? What are the ingredients for completion? It is a really simple recipe:

1. Commitment to completion – You and your team actually have to want completion to happen. They have to pull for it so when a comment pops in their head like “Well, you never did that. so why are you complaining?” They can choose not to say it and actually move the completion forward. If there is one person who is not willing for this to happen it can be a long and laborious process, which it should not be.

2. Be generous – Yea, you can talk about all the times they drank the last cup of coffee and didn’t make another pot. But what about the times they help solved  the problems that kept you up at night.

As a team it is important that we are completely clear and transparent with each other. By doing this, the small stuff doesn’t get in the way. In addition problems are dealt with faster.

What have your experiences been? What would you like them to be?


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