Is that what I think it is?

We can often assume we know the whole picture when dealing with people. She’s acts like that because she’s this. He acts like that because he’s this.

Case in point. Many years ago, in school, I was hanging out with friends and their friends. There was one particular new guy, we will call him John, who I didn’t know and who was hanging back being a wall flower. The whole night I teased him. “Come on are you shy?” “We don’t bite.” On and on. I didn’t let up because, to me it seemed everyone else was having fun and he was being a party pooper. Well, at the end of the night one of his friends decides to come up to my group of friends and explain. “Hey, go easy on John the anniversary of his best friend killing himself is today.”

I didn’t know what to say. But I took to heart that day forward that you never know what is going on people’s lives. You never now why they are acting they way they are. All you can do is give them the grace of being human.

What do you think? Have any similar experiences? When you look closely at these fabrics what do you see?


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