Girlfriend Parties and Summer Tours

Have you ever tried to create something and it just wasn’t coming?

Have you ever tried to create something and it flowed flawlessly?

The WHO?Women have often created what was next for WHO?Bags. It would be hard and a lot of back and forth about various ideas and then getting sidetracked on a miscellaneous piece of information.

This time was different,  this time the creation process was magical. It flowed and everyone kept themselves on track working toward the main goal of a future that would impact everyone.  And the only thing that was different was communication and completion.

From that session we created a future that we could live into. Out of that weekend WHO?Bags created Girlfriend Parties and Summer Tour. Check them out below.

Girlfriend Parties

Girlfriend Parties are awesome parties that combine excitement, love, and a wonderful shopping experience! You will be able to create a unique custom WHO?Bag from the ground up. If you need it, there will be a trained expressionist there to help. People who have attended these parties have left with an affinity for the women there that surprised them! One guest even stated that she thought everyone knew each other when in fact everyone was a stranger! If you want to host a Girlfriend Party contact us!

Summer Tour

We decided that more of the world needs to see a WHO?Bag! To that end we are touring cities this summer to get new fabric and new expressions in your hand! Our lists of cities includes New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville, and more! If you would like more details look at our Facebook page or email us at whobags {at}

We are looking forward to an exciting future and will definitely keep adding to it!


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