Take your blinders off!: Seeing the whole picture.

We can easily fall into the trap of focusing and getting things done. Of drilling down to a specific task and working like mad on it. But sometimes a step back should be taken. Sometimes, the picture we have is not the picture we need. By taking a step back and viewing the complete picture we can have a different view point. That gives us different information that might affect the decisions we make.  For example, I was recently scheduled to attend a conference. There became a scheduling conflict and the money that I had paid to the first conference was no longer refundable.  I became so focused on getting that money back, that it did not occur to me that there were other options. Other options like advertising at the event! I was able to (through lots of conversation with others) able to create using that money to advertise at an event with over 1500 women! A step back provided the means to take a look at the complete picture and find opportunities. What are you so focused on that is stuck and not moving. What might pulling back provide for you?


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