Unexpected Opportunities

I woke up this early to work out and checked on one of my favorite deal sites before I started. Well, lo and behold there was an HP Ultrabook on sale for 400. The only catch was that this coupon code could only be used 500 times. Total. And this was on the internet available to billions of people. I knew I had to act fast but something was holding me back! I hemmed and hawed changing the configurations of the laptop millions of times. Using different tabs so I could compare what I was getting. By the end of it I was lost in a sea of information. I had created and recreated so much I didn’t know what to do. So I waited. When I had finally talked some sense into  myself knowing that this was an excellent deal for the components that were being offered. The decision had been made for me. The sale was done and the price was now at the upper end of a budget that would make Donald Trump uncomfortable.

And then I realized I do that a lot. I’ll be prepared for an opportunity and then when it makes it self available I stall. Sometimes I catch the sale and sometimes I miss it. But for those 5 hours I am in anguish over something that I should have under complete control. I hem and haw wondering if this is actually the right decision, if this is going to turn out well. I look for definitive “truths” as if that will help me make a choice. I realize it just requires a leap of faith and the belief that I can handle anything no matter what comes my way.



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