Memorial Day: We Thank You

In addition to the long weekend, the cookouts, the family, and the friends Memorial Day is a day of Thanks. A day of acknowledgment for a commitment to something other than self. We have to recognize in others the commitment we fail to see in ourselves. We go around life believing that we don’t have a driving force- that our commitment is not as good as the next person’s so we don;t share it. But that is the power. The power in sharing what you have given your life to. Whether it is to make sure your kids are never hungry or that children know how to read. These commitments impact people’s lives. And sharing those commitments and recognizing your greatness can only serve to drive you forward and keep you empowered.

Memorial Day is a day to thank those that are no longer with us. So today, let’s have a moment of silence for people who have given their lives to improve others. Let’s recognize their contributions in the lives we have today. And we should make time to thank those that are still with us. Thank them now so they can know they made a difference.

This Memorial Day I will thank my mother, the CEO of WHO?Bags International. I will thank her while she is still here and acknowledge the impact that her service had had on my life.

So what will you do this Memorial Day? Who are you going to thank? Whose life will you impact?


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