Steps to the perfect life.

A “perfect life” is a quest for many people. It always involves the idea that something is not right “here”. The idea that if one thing could just change then things would work out. Then things would be easier. Then things would start to look up.  And actually it is that easy. The steps to a perfect life work for most people and are quite easy to follow. They just involve consistent implementation of the steps in every situation in every day of your life.  Well, the steps follow.

1. Not discovered yet.

2. As yet undiscovered, but we are close.

3. We have theories what this one might be.

Clearly the Perfect Life is an elusive pink unicorn. You might think you glimpse it out of the corner of your eye but really, it’s just an elephant dyed red.

But what you can do is look at your life with out all the “shoulds”, “woulds”, and “coulds”.  These are the “Preventors” in life. You should see your life exactly as it is.

I should do this because that’s what good moms have to do.

I could take a break but I have to finish this.

I would go workout but I don’t have the right clothes.

These Preventors stop you from assessing what is at the core of your motivation, your commitment in life.  They make it easy to live life based on assumptions  passed down from others.  And if you notice the Preventors have a sneaky accomplice. “Have” sneaks in making choice for you, obligating you to things the Preventors set up. These two are a powerful combo and thwart you from investigating what would make up your perfect life.

For this week start noticing when the Preventors pop up in your head and whether that coincides (or not as the matter stands) with what’s the commitment in your life.

What’s popped up for you?



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