1, 2, 3 Presto! A Perfect Life.

So, you have noticed the Preventors and all that they do. They pop up pretty often don’t they? The great news is that they will always be there. This is great news because it’s a constant. Just in the way you don’t worry from one second to the next whether your lungs will remember how to inhale and your brain will remember how to avoid hot stoves so to can you similarly forget about the Preventors.  It is enough to notice that it is there.

Your focus should be on making sure you actions are inline with what constitute your perfect life, your commitment. This, I promise, is easier than it might seem.

To expand on that concept let’s say your core commitment in life is to always have a pencil near by. If you have defined that and recognized it as something important to you you next actions are obvious.

English: An array of colored pencils, these pe...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Go to costco and by 1000 pencils.

2. Store 10 pencils in various locations such as your car, bathroom, kitchen, purse, etc.

3. Buy more pencils.

Each of these  actions naturally flows from “I will always have a pencil.” These actions support and move this committment forward without being complicated.

So let’s look at this another way.

English: The markers in a standard 10-pack of ...

Crayola Markers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your core commitment is to always have a pencil nearby.

1. Go to costco and by 1000 markers

2. Store these markers in various locations such as your car, bathroom, kitchen, purse, etc.

3. Buy more markers.


This is something we all often do. “I’m going to exercise!” “I want a better relationship!” “I want to find love!” And then we go and eat a bag of chips with mayo on top. Or we bring up for the tenth time why the other person is wrong and we are right. Or we stay inside under the covers and avoid all contact with the public. What’s going on here is a disparity between your core commitment and your actions. Or is it?

Maybe what you think is your core commitment is actually something you tell yourself but not really a commitment. But what you actions are telling you is that your commitment is actually to enjoy food and what life has to offer. You say you want to exercise but maybe you just want others to stop commenting on your weight, your commitment might be to be happy.  You say you want to find love and maybe your commitment is actually to expand your business.

By realizing what your true core commitment is, what drives you forward. You will have power in your actions.

Take a look at your actions this week. See if they support your core commitment or if they are supporting some other commitment. Which is more important to you? What do you see for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.


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