Grace for Self

I came to a situation that made me realize that I have no grace for others, let alone myself. Long story short, I met a young woman who  I couldn’t stand. She seemed sheltered and naieve. And she also reminded me of a younger me.

This realization revealed something that I had missed before. I have no grace for who I am as a human. I expect perfection when it is impossible to give. Instead I dislike who I was, pretending that I like who I am. It is not a confidence issue. I have great confidence. It is an issue of me accepting my humanness. Accepting all that I am and ALL that I am not.

So now, I am on a journey. A journey to get to the very depths of my ugliness and the very highs of my beauty. I am intent on discovering all that makes me me and giving myself the grace to let it be. Without having to change it and make it better.
First things first, I always want to know every answer before I do anything. That’s just who I am. It’s ok to want that. I just have to make sure I am not allowing it to stop what’s important to me. I can want the answers and still take action.

What are thorns in your life that you keep trying to run away from? How you interact with men? How you handle your kids? How you cook food?


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