Colors Men See. Colors Women See.


A little known fact is that I love infographics. Infographics are brightly colored charts or graphs  that make complex information interesting and easy to grasp, basically “informative graphics”.

Well, this particular infographic speaks about the colors that men and women are drawn to.  I thought with some of the items that it pointed out such as: In color naming; men keep it simple and women are expressive. They each use completely language to describe what they see in the world.

It is no wonder then that the way the world appears to the sexes is completely different. If guys see ‘gray’ they see a mix of black and white. If a women sees ‘gray’ she might see “aluminum”.

Now, the reason that stuck out to me (beyond all the other interesting tidbits found here) are that, in words we create our life.

If something as simple as gray can generate different descriptions. Then something like how you see an argument with your spouse will generate vastly different descriptions.

The important thing is to hear how they see things. Hear the words they are exactly saying and get them. If they say “red” get “red” and not “orangey pinky hue”. If you go to Home Dept and try to match “orangey pinky hue” you will come back with a color that does not match “red”. And the problems will spiral from there.

Now, what do you think?


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