What are you committed to in life? Share in the comments.



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  1. Sha'Lawn

    I can honestly say that my answer to whom I am committed to, has always been God, my spouse, daughter, parents, and friends, charities that I love and volunteer. At the same time, my body was hit with major blows. On April 16, 1998, my daughter came in the midst of one of the worse tornados in Nashville, TN. We almost died, I had to have a partial hysterectomy to save my life, and my daughter was rushed out for oxygen. However, I had that smile on my face, thankful I was alive and continued to move on, not thinking about me. We were interviewed locally on T.V. through channel 2 for several years (as milestones) because of the devastation of the storm and how it hit on the floor, I was to deliver my precious baby on. Then, cancer struck my spleen, 49 tumors to be exact. I carried around 49 tumors in my spleen and did not know it. Years before finding out, I was on bed rest due to high blood pressure and the M.D.’s was saying stress, stress, stress. I even went to a Holistic Doctor. However, on my way to work one day in 2007 I could not breathe, my spouse rushed me to the hospital. When the test was over, they said you have tumors and it is localized in your spleen. Because of the size of the spleen it was about to rupture. I was in shock but thankful for the CTscan. I had to wait six months with treatments before they removed the spleen and the 49 tumors. I lost in one week 45pounds. All of my life I had been committed to pleasing everyone else and making sure I did not fail anyone. At the same time, I was LAST on the list. After that surgery, I had two more surgeries and I am still having complications due to two sets of mesh put inside to hold the stomach wall up in place. My body has rejected the mesh, but I have pushed on. Do you want to hear something funny that truly should not be funny? I continued to stay committed to everyone else’s needs. Parents who are getting older, one with dementia (but married) and one with other elements going on, me being the only child, it is all on me. I am taking care of my 14 year old with the wonderful help of my spouse (her dad), yet, I have not stopped to take care of me. For some strange reason, I would take care and serve others rather than taking care of myself. It was not until November 7, 2012 that I realize it is time for me to become selfish. I am so close to finishing my degree. I originally did take time to commit again to school, but due to my illness and the demands of others, I took a break. HOWEVER, no more of being committed to everyone else but myself. I deserve to love myself. God loves me and he is committed to me, so one would think that is enough motivation to commit to you. No one is dying, no one is suffering, they are all loved by me, yet, loving them does not mean I have to put myself last and no commit to my dreams and goals. I have so much that I desire to give back to the people in this world. I am burning with Hope on the inside to be a blessing. So, YES I am NOW FULLY COMMITTED TO ME, after 38 years of wandering and discovering!


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