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You’ve probably already seen it by now. But this warrants another look. Here is Sgt. Theresa Vail expanding all the ways a woman can be. Check out here story here.




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September 25, 2013 · 10:56 am

What’s your passion?


Often time we go through life picking and choosing who and where we are really going to share ourselves with. This seems like a smart choice because it protects you. However, it also limits your unadulterated enjoyment of life. When you have areas of your life that you choose not to give your thoughts,ideas, or your commitment. Those areas falter. You falter.

When you withhold your commitment from certain circumstances or people they don’t get the best of you. But your commitment, who you say you are in life, is what gives you the vitality that people are drawn to. Have you ever had a conversation where at the end you were excited, had more energy, and were ready to take on the world? That was your commitment speaking. And if you manage to live inside that  – your life would be on fire.

What is your commitment?

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