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Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mum

By any other name she is still awesome times infinity.


This past Mother’s Day I started reflecting on the woman I am because of my mother.  And for all intents and purposes I’m awesome therefore; she is awesome times infinity. The reason I say this is because of the building blocks she gave me to live my life.


1.  I don’t take myself too seriously.

This by far is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. This allows me to learn from others, admit my mistakes, and have fun with life. I know this has had a great impact because I continually network and partner with people who are in my industry doing the exact same thing as I am doing with their own business. And instead of having the mentality that there are only so many clients to go around. I make friends with them and learn how they view and participate in our industry. This has led to some of the best unexpected professional growth.


2. I protect my family

When me and my brother were stationed in England with my parents I was in charge. I was the big sister. So he had to do what I said. And what I thought my mother said was not take the bus home. We were supposed to take the bus home. Yea, were were there 5 hours (before cell phones) and my mother was frantically looking for us.  Even when the Police officer rolled up and asked for me by name, he wasn’t my mother and I wasn’t sure If I should go with him. Imagine a 12 year old giving a police officer the side eye. Needless to say we reunited with our parents and got home.



3. I’m willing to learn anything new

Currently I am sitting in an exercise that I was invited to attend without knowing really what my role would be. What’s an exercise you say? It is a large scale training program that corporations, hospitals, government entities, etc participate in and simulate events to make sure they are ready for them. So it’s like a hospital pretending there is an earthquake and going through the process and of what to do when the lights go out and half of the wing is inaccessible.   Let me say this again – I haven’t done this before but I am excited!



What has your Mother done for you that makes you the person you love today?



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