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Is half the year over? Or half the year yet to come?

However you look at the fact we are now in June, this is a great time to take stock and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.  Here are 5 great questions to ask yourself.

1. Are my goals still relevant?

Often times, when we create goals, we are dealing with a certain set of circumstances or events. By re-evaluating your goals you might find that you’ve attained them or the circumstances surrounding your goals make them invalid. Take a moment to complete them in your mind allowing for the space of a new goal to be created.

2. What new steps do I need to take to reach my goals?

Sometimes we get sidetracked because the path to our goals has changed. Re-evaluating your goals takes this into account so you can create a new action plan for success.

3. Do I need to create a new team around my goals?

As your goals change and evolve the team that surrounds them might also change and evolve. For example, you might have worked with a recent graduate and what they provided was great. However, as your business grew you needed someone who knew their industry inside and out, someone who had at least 7 years of experience. Re-evaluating your goals allows you to create powerful teams around them to make sure they succeed.

4. Do I need to create a team around my goals?

I bet that last question caught you off guard. If you don’t have a team to help you in the accomplishment of your goal it makes it harder on you. Even if it is a team of you and an accountability buddy, this is still a team for success.


5. Are my goals tied to an who I am or who others think I should be?

Sometimes we create goals out of how others see us. “I am 35 and single. I should be married.” We then make a goal to be married within the year. This is all based on how your family, friends, or society says how your life should progress. However, if that is not where you heart lies it is not where your goals should lie.

What are questions you ask yourself when re-evaluating your goals?



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