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This makes my heart sing…

This will be short and simple. My favorite quote ever:

I'll be loving you until the day 8 x 8 x

Here is the song that it comes from. I love the interlude. You cannot listen to this and not be happy.


Where do your favorite quotes come from?



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Learning from spilt milk?

Hindsight is a terrible thing. It leads you to believe that what is so patently obvious to you now should have been patently obvious then. This, of course, is not the truth. What is true, is that now is the best time to sprint forward. Because let’s be serious, hindsight will always add its two cents. What you cannot recover from is middling around until the opportunity is no longer an opportunity but this:



And that is just sad.

However, curiosity got me and I ruminated on what I would tell my younger self.

This is what I came up with:

1. Communicate – People actually like to here your opinion,thoughts, and ideas when they care.

2. Your body will do weird things – Don’t let the mechanics of your body being your body let you stop living your life.

3.You’re Enough – Who you are is enough, you just have to share.

But that really doesn’t matter because the Journey is how I got here. Besides, if I told myself what I know now I’d have a whole host of other things to learn.

Now here’s a doozy. We all know what we would tell our 11-year-old self is patently obvious. What would you tell your last week self?



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Tips for meeting _____ type people

How do you find people that make your heart sing. How do you connect with those who not only bring you up but make you laugh? At WHO?Bags we’re always looking for woman who reflect acknowledgment, passion, and commitment as part of their core. And to find them we do a lot of things. But really it just boils down to:

Tips for meeting _____ type people. Because really it’s just about meeting people.


We all want to be listened to – but more than that it makes it easier to connect. I don’t know what we share until I know you.


People actually want to know who you are. And the ones that don’t well, we don’t have to say anything there.


Keep doing this until you can’t imagine life without this person and you’re besties. Or until you can call them up and have a drink.

Either way this is short because the steps are simple.  We get in the way sometimes. But making friends, a constant opening up and sharing and then listening, is easy. Every now and then you throw in a libation and it’s perfect.

However, I have been known to view things in a completely black and white way. What did I miss in the process of making friends. Is it not that easy?



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Memes that make me go oooh!

I have this post to save the memes I come across that I just love. Go ahead and bookmark it and check back often.

9241389893_ff00f10886_o Life expectancy would grow by leaps and “Everything you want is on the other Let's just relax and expand together.EVERYTHING Janelle Alex


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Failure sucks but {Insert platitude here}

Failure sucks. There are no two ways about it.

Fail Forward. Fail Faster. Yes, yes, yes. But it doesn’t make failure suck any less.

But, after the disappointment of failure there is a brighter, bird filled side. Happy bird

I remember failing in college.

For years, I said I would study abroad, after all this is what college was about. Well, I got to my sophomore year and I realized that nope – I will not be studying abroad. I was devastated. I really had planned my junior year abroad like people plan weddings. I wrote an email to my mother stating that I was a failure and screwed up college. I lost my excitement about my senior year. I just didn’t see the point any more.

I came out the other side. I realized I needed to add some planning and intention coupled with action to my life. It was a “growing up” lesson.

I have failed since. I sometimes feel like I’m failing now. The great thing is my relationship to failure is changing.  I wish I could say it has changed. Alas, I am not so transformed as to dance with failure like it’s a long lost partner. So, for now, it’s a changing relationship and I’m happy about that.

One day I will be able to say without sarcasm:

“Every adversity, every failure, every


Until that time. I will play with my feelings of failure knowing that they are not me, but still make me sad.

How do you deal with failure?




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Working hard or hardly working?

Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Hm. I think not. I get the premise but don’t believe it.  To me, that sounds like marry your best friend and you’ll never have to work at marriage.


One of the things I have learned about working with others in a corporate environment is that people matter.  They can make the work situation amazing or they can make it a death of a thousand cuts.


However, I can’t say that I have had a bad experience. Some eye brow raising but nothing that induced me to bludgeon people.  I would really love to hear your best and worst experiences! Share! Share! Share!


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The 1 ingredient for a perfect world.

This picture just makes me smile.


I’ve been asked about what a perfect world looks like. Honestly, I’m a closet optimist. I believe people are good and are actually really great at self-regulation. I mean, whatever you believe in – we came here whole and complete. We are just what the world needs in all our glory.

We’re just not fully self-expressed. In our full self-expression – we are not constrained by our fears or shoulds and should nots. We are a full expression to out commitments in life – whatever they may be.  In full self-expression our self talk is not running the show.


By the way. Your self talk does not look that nice.

By the way. Your self talk does not look that nice.


The reason why I think full self-expression is the key is there is no wrong way to fully express yourself. If you are drawn to nature or beauty in the world that can show itself in many ways such as: drawing, dancing, child rearing, speaking, coaching, etc.

Full self-expression is hard because it’s not everything that comes to mind. It is not blurting out “You shouldn’t do that.” I think it’s being in alignment with your commitments. It’s the expression of “Self”. Not the self that is constantly surviving, manipulating, and judging. But the self that makes you take a stand, that acknowledges, that listens, that sees people for who they are.

I don’t want to oppose these two as a “good” and “bad” self. Rather I want to give them the context of “Your commitment” to delineate whether it’s “Self” or “self”.

When you are moving through your daily choices, you make decisions based on thousands of considerations. Seriously, even something as simple as stopping to get fast food or going home to eat involves a lot of your brain. To get the enormity of what happens let’s just list it out.


That was in 1 second. And the list can go on. (Isn’t our mind amazing?!)

Now, these considerations – these thoughts, how many of them are related to our commitments in life? How many are actually connected to what we are up to in the world. The thoughts that are not are the molasses to your full-self expression.

I believe self-expression has us speak to those we don’t know why . I believe self-expression has others drawn to us. Do you ever notice how a certain group of people are drawn to you and you don’t know why? They are responding to your “Self” the one who has commitments bigger than you can even imagine.  Our journey in this life is to continually wipe away the molasses – to clear the glass so we can be of service.

Oh – and another thing. Self-expression doesn’t leave you exhausted. You might be tired, but that is what bodies do. The mental exhaustion that can come in our day is because we are fighting ourselves. It’s a stalemate. Your “Self” doesn’t get expressed. And you end up exhausted. Sounds like fun?


Yea, how long until that gets old?


And things like not having enough money? That’s a symptom of not being fully self-expressed in your life. If you are the shining beacon that you are meant to be, people will throw money at you. Think of the people you give money to. Why did you do it? It wasn’t because you had to. And yes, that includes utilities. You pay utilities out of a commitment to your family. Your commitment is to make sure your kids have all they need to excel.  That sounds full like self-expression to me.

I’d love for you to comment and point out the flaws in this argument! What do you think?


P.S. Full self-expression does not exists in good or bad. The actions you take are a result of a commitment you have. Therefore, if it is better to let your kid sit in jail so they can learn a lesson – that’s great. If it is better to bail them out – that is also great. It just depends on what serves them (your commitment).


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