Who we are.

We know who we are and talk about it so much we often forget to share! WHO?Bags International is about bringing women together and acknowledging the grace and beauty they have though bags. We embroider inspirational quotes and expressions that keep you moving forward every time you look inside your bag. In fact, my favorite is below:

WHO?Bags Expression

One of our founders (a military vet) noticed that no matter where she traveled, no matter the country she was in, no matter the religion that was practiced, women are connected by bags. We carry them to get groceries, go shopping, carry babies and more. As we are the heart of the community so to is the bag. Without our faithful bag of tricks how would we carry the snack for being in a long line? How would we carry the band aid for the random cut? And how would we have the random rubber band that saved someone’s day? Our bags give us what we need to keep our communities thriving.

Bags are our sidekicks and WHO?Bags give them their capes. What expression would you give to your bestie in her bag?

You can visit us at http://whobags.com



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4 responses to “Who we are.

  1. I love this idea!! I may have to get myself a bag. I just have to decide what I want it to say!


  2. Oh dear…I have a bag addiction. 😀 This is a dangerous blog!


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