The Power of Acknlowedgement

There is one thing I have found that spans all beliefs, non-beliefs, religion, practices, etc. What that is acknowledgement. Point blank period.

It is the one thing that opens us up to the magic in this world.

Acknowledgement is the one thing that opens up up to the magic in this world.

It is why we are so passionate about practicing it at WHO?Bags. For example, I have four friends and we call ourselves “The Family”. It that tight group of friends that if you need them they are there. We got together in Atlanta about four years ago and before we met up my mother said we should play the “Acknowledgement Game”.

Now, its not a game it just acknowledging someone for who they are in your life. However, it sounds a lot less heavy if you tack on “Game” at the end of it. So we’re at dinner and are about to get desert and with a heavy heart I say “Ok, I have something I want us to do.” Now, it was with a heavy heart because I was shy. I knew it was good to do in theory but it sounded incredibly woo woo and sappy. And being the woman that I am I shy away from woo woo.

I tell my friends that I want us to go around the table and just share who we are for each other. They are game because they are my family and even if they give me the *side eye* they will do what I ask. Literally when my first friend gets to the second person we are balling. Balling at a restaurant. Have you ever tried to eat dessert while you can’t see because you are crying too much? Give it a go. It’s easy, I promise.

What I got from that incident was Power. Power in knowing why I am on a whole ‘nother level for people. Power in opening myself up to the contribution that others are for me. Power in knowing that without me there is a missing. That exercise moves me to today because I relove those people all over again. It takes the autopilot out of our relationship. Acknowledging someone for who they are gives life a vibrancy that cannot be gotten any other way. So I challenge you. Who are you going to acknowledge today? And you don’t have to think of a script share whats from the heart, even if you don’t know what that is. You’ll be surprised at the results.

I’m going to acknowledge my SO. He deserves it and it’s been a long time coming. Who are you taking on?



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8 responses to “The Power of Acknlowedgement

  1. I love this … we often forget to acknowledge, thank you for the reminder 🙂


  2. My son! Thank you for this powerful reminder! 😉


  3. I am going to acknowledge my husband today. I know how difficult it is for him to buck tradition and support me.


  4. That does sound like a really powerful “game” good for you for being brave enough for asking your friends to participate.


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