Food Glorious Food!

Hot sausage and mustard!

That is a great musical and certainly speaks to the love of food we all have. Whether you are a steak and potatoes or some combination of paleo vegan we understand that what goes in our body becomes our body. But what I really most about food are the memories.  Whether it reminds you of the food you ate in college, the food you ate when you were pregnant, or the food you had as a child – Food is a powerful reminder.

Which is why I {now} love cooking. It was not always that way. Actually it wasn’t that way for most of my life.

I love old food ads.


True story. The first time I cooked….. well, it wasn’t pleasant.

My parents believe that everyone can contribute to the family. When my brother and I were older one of the ways they saw our contribution was making one meal a week.


Me as a Cat disliking cooking

I did not like this.

I decided to make pasta.

I boiled water and threw in the pasta. I didn’t stir it and boiled it until it was a step before baby food. I stomped to the counter where the pasta sauce was. This pasta sauce was actually just the base you use to add your own spices, vegetables, and meatballs. I did none of these. I yanked out the drawer containing the can opener and angrily opened the can. (Yes, you can do that.) I stomped back to the stove containing the barely recognizable pre-baby food pasta and dumped it in. I took the pot to the table and said dinner was served.

I think we ended up eating out that night.

Needless to say – that was no longer part of my family contribution.

It is certainly fun when I look back on it now. And my parents and I still have a good laugh about it. What is your first food memory?



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4 responses to “Food Glorious Food!

  1. My first food memories are that of my grandma. She would visit and always brought us these giant cookies.


  2. It’s not the first food memory Tamay, but I do vaguely remember adding cup of salt instead of sugar to a cake mix ….least I think it was a cake mix recipe…not sure why I was adding additional sugar to a cake mix…so I may be confused…The part I remember clearly is that whatever I was trying to make was totally inedible. It was tossed.


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