What we’re proud of! (Even though we stumbled)

Celebrating accomplishments let’s us understand how far we’ve come. You only realize you’re halfway up the mountain if you look down. At WHO?Bags we are proud and excited about these 10 things!


1. We sold bags and didn’t have bags to sell.

We were very excited about doing an arts festival and everything on the list was checked – except for the bags. As a small business you make a lot of mistakes and our biggest was outsourcing the bags. Not only did we not have them in time for the festival but we did not like the quality when we finally received them. However, we rallied the team and made it happen. Not only did we have a crazy amount of fun but we also learned some big lessons.

2. We have a patent!

Through lawyers, misunderstandings, and refillings we finally got our patent and are extremely excited.

3. We were on TV!

We appeared on Univision with our master tailor and were very excited!

4. We created a database in Access.

Yes, in Access. It was so wonderfully useful and difficult at the same time.

5. We have a legit inventory system.  

We upgraded and got an inventory system that runs in the cloud so our virtual team can access it!

6. We consistently get together for our annual Big Adventure.

Think of it as a stock holders meeting + vacation.

7. We have consistently supported nonprofits every year since our inception.

We are consistently put in contact with organizations that support our ideal which is: When women and girls thrive, communities thrive.

8. We got a logo!

Our logo has evolved from a simple Word created logo to a professionally done logo.

Our old and new logo

Our old and new logo

9. We found a stateside manufacture that creates our bags beautifully.

He represents the quality and pride we take in our bags.

10.  We were a vendor in Goldman Sachs

During the holiday season they invite companies in with products they think their employees will like. We were one of them and it was a blast!

Bonus 11!

We had fun doing it all and maintain open communication with the team!


Through our years as a startup we have learned a lot and made even more mistakes. But we’re still here loving the thrill of what we do. What makes you happy to be a business owner?


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