Creating your Future through the Visual.

It’s why Pinterest works. It’s why we have traffic signs in picture form. It’s why we all understand what  food-35164means.  We process information the fastest when it is presented to us in a picture. Why is why having a vision board is so important to any woman, business, or entrepreneur. By placing it next to your door you are reminded about what you are up to and what you are creating every time you leave.  And by seeing that everyday you can’t help but work towards it.

So, the gauntlet has been through and WHO?Bag’s vision board is below.

WHO?Bags Vision Board

Though I have a confession to make.  I get distracted by my limitations sometimes and don’t dream big enough. If you think there’s anything that would be awesome to have on there, please share! What’s on your vision board? Share the link below!



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16 responses to “Creating your Future through the Visual.

  1. I loooooove visuals Tamay. I’m a super visual person. So naturally, I love Pinterest! I pin just for fun. I don’t use it as often as I like though (I forget).


  2. Fun vision board! And it is all about the visual, our brains process images so much better than words. Thanks for sharing it. I love to see everyone’s passion. Here’s mine!


  3. I created one awhile ago but can’t really remember what’s on it. I guess I need to make a new one!


  4. I love it! Makes me want to create one too!!


  5. janellealex

    I love seeing the differing opinions (via Spiritual Badass) on vision or dream boards. I agree that we are very visual and images are exceptionally powerful.
    Honoring you,
    The Barefoot Soul Mentor


  6. I have had similar thoughts lately about not dreaming big enough. Let’s dream big! We can do it! 🙂


  7. Hi Tamay, thank you for sharing your beautiful vision board! Here is a post I did about vision boards and it includes one I created:
    Thanks for asking! 🙂


  8. I have two vision boards. One is personal and has mainly to do with hubby and our retirement home. The second is business and I do dream BIG with that one.


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