Failure sucks but {Insert platitude here}

Failure sucks. There are no two ways about it.

Fail Forward. Fail Faster. Yes, yes, yes. But it doesn’t make failure suck any less.

But, after the disappointment of failure there is a brighter, bird filled side. Happy bird

I remember failing in college.

For years, I said I would study abroad, after all this is what college was about. Well, I got to my sophomore year and I realized that nope – I will not be studying abroad. I was devastated. I really had planned my junior year abroad like people plan weddings. I wrote an email to my mother stating that I was a failure and screwed up college. I lost my excitement about my senior year. I just didn’t see the point any more.

I came out the other side. I realized I needed to add some planning and intention coupled with action to my life. It was a “growing up” lesson.

I have failed since. I sometimes feel like I’m failing now. The great thing is my relationship to failure is changing.  I wish I could say it has changed. Alas, I am not so transformed as to dance with failure like it’s a long lost partner. So, for now, it’s a changing relationship and I’m happy about that.

One day I will be able to say without sarcasm:

“Every adversity, every failure, every


Until that time. I will play with my feelings of failure knowing that they are not me, but still make me sad.

How do you deal with failure?





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7 responses to “Failure sucks but {Insert platitude here}

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  2. Failure sucks but – everyone experiences them at least once! Yes, your failures are not you, just a fleeting instant in your life that comes and goes and hopefully teaches you something about yourself.


  3. I accept it and move on, but that doesn’t make it easier. It still sucks.


  4. Failure? Oh yeah. I’ve had my fair share. But some of my successes turned out to be failures. 😀 I think as long as I acknowledge failure and success with equal joy, I’ll be fine.


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