Tips for meeting _____ type people

How do you find people that make your heart sing. How do you connect with those who not only bring you up but make you laugh? At WHO?Bags we’re always looking for woman who reflect acknowledgment, passion, and commitment as part of their core. And to find them we do a lot of things. But really it just boils down to:

Tips for meeting _____ type people. Because really it’s just about meeting people.


We all want to be listened to – but more than that it makes it easier to connect. I don’t know what we share until I know you.


People actually want to know who you are. And the ones that don’t well, we don’t have to say anything there.


Keep doing this until you can’t imagine life without this person and you’re besties. Or until you can call them up and have a drink.

Either way this is short because the steps are simple.  We get in the way sometimes. But making friends, a constant opening up and sharing and then listening, is easy. Every now and then you throw in a libation and it’s perfect.

However, I have been known to view things in a completely black and white way. What did I miss in the process of making friends. Is it not that easy?




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6 responses to “Tips for meeting _____ type people

  1. Listening is so key. What I find challenging is realizing that people want to hear what I have to say. Sometimes it blows my mind.


  2. Listen- That’s the tough one for many people. Just stop and listen to what the other person has to say.Good reminder for myself to do exactly that.


  3. My biggest issues with making friends is that I am pretty judgemental (I was raised fundamentalist Christian, and I’m trying to get over it), and it’s pretty easy for me to be judged because I am so “out there” and woo-woo.

    It’s hard for me to even relate to people who choose to sit in cubicles or don’t want more out of life. Because entrepreneurs are such a small segment of the population, it can be difficult for me to even meet the right people. Add to that my love of Tarot (the “Devil’s cards!”), my irreverent sense of humor, and my propensity for dropping curse words, and it’s easy to see why some people find me a *smidge* offensive.

    The last few years I’ve met some great friends, but I really had to get out of anything near the realm of “normal,” whatever that means. 😉

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    • True, true. I guess it comes down to where you fish and making sure the pond you’re picking from actually has something you want to eat.

      It is odd to come into contact with people who love their cubicle but more often than not when talking with them, they love what they do.

      Then there are those that hate what they do and stay there. And that does not make any sense. (but then there’s that pesky judgement)


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