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Being Productive and Being Busy.

It’s feels good to be busy. It’s like all the awesomeness of productivity without all of the work.


Except most of the time we actually want what productivity provides. The step forward toward a dream or a goal. The ability to say we have accomplished something. Getting out of the rut of busy can be difficult. Below are 5 steps that will move you from moving paper to making paper.

1. List things out!  You can use the GTD method, the      Oh – remember lists are never done. They will never be complete. So relax and go to sleep with a light heart knowing you got the most important things done.

2. Take breaks. While skipping lunch might seem the appropriate “I’m to busy and productive” thing to do. It hinders you in the end. It’s like trying to talk your car out of needing gas. It doesn’t work and you look slightly crazy.

Except if your car is KITT. You're not crazy if you're talking to KITT.

Except if your car is KITT. You’re not crazy if you’re talking to KITT.


3. Do a happy dance. Enjoy the progress you make. If you got that first cold call out of the way – do the running man!

4. Say NO! The awesome thing about NO is that it does not physically close doors. So while an opportunity might not be right for you now – you can revisit it later. And there’s no iron door blocking you.

5. Rinse and Repeat. I promise – if you keep doing these steps you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish and that you are not out of your mind.


What do you do to stay productive?



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Creating your Future through the Visual.

It’s why Pinterest works. It’s why we have traffic signs in picture form. It’s why we all understand what  food-35164means.  We process information the fastest when it is presented to us in a picture. Why is why having a vision board is so important to any woman, business, or entrepreneur. By placing it next to your door you are reminded about what you are up to and what you are creating every time you leave.  And by seeing that everyday you can’t help but work towards it.

So, the gauntlet has been through and WHO?Bag’s vision board is below.

WHO?Bags Vision Board

Though I have a confession to make.  I get distracted by my limitations sometimes and don’t dream big enough. If you think there’s anything that would be awesome to have on there, please share! What’s on your vision board? Share the link below!


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Monday Tip

It’s Monday. You probably need a little of this…


Why you need to be like a postage stamp.



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Is half the year over? Or half the year yet to come?

However you look at the fact we are now in June, this is a great time to take stock and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.  Here are 5 great questions to ask yourself.

1. Are my goals still relevant?

Often times, when we create goals, we are dealing with a certain set of circumstances or events. By re-evaluating your goals you might find that you’ve attained them or the circumstances surrounding your goals make them invalid. Take a moment to complete them in your mind allowing for the space of a new goal to be created.

2. What new steps do I need to take to reach my goals?

Sometimes we get sidetracked because the path to our goals has changed. Re-evaluating your goals takes this into account so you can create a new action plan for success.

3. Do I need to create a new team around my goals?

As your goals change and evolve the team that surrounds them might also change and evolve. For example, you might have worked with a recent graduate and what they provided was great. However, as your business grew you needed someone who knew their industry inside and out, someone who had at least 7 years of experience. Re-evaluating your goals allows you to create powerful teams around them to make sure they succeed.

4. Do I need to create a team around my goals?

I bet that last question caught you off guard. If you don’t have a team to help you in the accomplishment of your goal it makes it harder on you. Even if it is a team of you and an accountability buddy, this is still a team for success.


5. Are my goals tied to an who I am or who others think I should be?

Sometimes we create goals out of how others see us. “I am 35 and single. I should be married.” We then make a goal to be married within the year. This is all based on how your family, friends, or society says how your life should progress. However, if that is not where you heart lies it is not where your goals should lie.

What are questions you ask yourself when re-evaluating your goals?


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Where are you afraid you might fail?

When I was at the conference for Global Transformation that questions was asked. Actually they asked “Where are you afraid you might suck?” And to tell the truth of it. Everywhere. I am afraid that I might fail in all that I do. Sad Lemon Face How about that to start off a Saturday morning?

But that question really got me going. If I am afraid about everything that I do then I don’t have any freedom. If I am always worried about how bad the outcome might be then I am not looking for ways to create what could be. I am not open to the myriad of possibilities that don’t include failing. Because I am only look for ways that I will fail.

A self fulfilling prophecy.

In short you can’t create yourself if you have to NOT fail. If you are looking to always avoid failure then you will only participate in those activities that will guarantee not failing. In short, the same thing you did yesterday is what you will do today. Now, sometimes that’s a good thing. You stopped at a red light yesterday and you should also stop today. But what about taking on a big project? Last time you did it, things did not end well. Does that mean you will never attempt something big again? Giving yourself the room to fail at something you’ve  never done before allows you room to grow.

Did you speak English perfectly at 1? No, you failed at pronouncing “lamb” correctly but that didn’t make you mute. You learned and corrected your mistakes. You were driven by a greater need. The need to express yourself to your parents and peers. You knew that this tool would allow you to get what you wanted. You now can express complex ideas, tell people you love them, create works of art, buy a house, order food, all through the use of language.

My “I don’t have to be perfect” Happy Dance

In failing you have to accept being imperfect and use others where your weaknesses are. When I got that I personally don’t have to be perfect, that I could make my perfection out of the support of others – I got a whole new freedom. I didn’t have to know everything. I didn’t even have to know most things. I just knew that there are things I want to do and I might make mistakes. In fact, I was going to make mistakes and it didn’t matter. Those mistakes were not me. Those mistakes were not the sum of what makes me me.  Distinguishing that my mistakes were not me allowed me to see all the success that I was not able to see before. Before my mistakes negated my success because successful people do not make mistakes like that. By acknowledging my fears and knowing that they are always lurking in the background I am now empowered to look them in the face and say “Today is not your day”. Where are you afraid you might suck?

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What are you going to live your life for? Share.

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Grace for Self

I came to a situation that made me realize that I have no grace for others, let alone myself. Long story short, I met a young woman who  I couldn’t stand. She seemed sheltered and naieve. And she also reminded me of a younger me.

This realization revealed something that I had missed before. I have no grace for who I am as a human. I expect perfection when it is impossible to give. Instead I dislike who I was, pretending that I like who I am. It is not a confidence issue. I have great confidence. It is an issue of me accepting my humanness. Accepting all that I am and ALL that I am not.

So now, I am on a journey. A journey to get to the very depths of my ugliness and the very highs of my beauty. I am intent on discovering all that makes me me and giving myself the grace to let it be. Without having to change it and make it better.
First things first, I always want to know every answer before I do anything. That’s just who I am. It’s ok to want that. I just have to make sure I am not allowing it to stop what’s important to me. I can want the answers and still take action.

What are thorns in your life that you keep trying to run away from? How you interact with men? How you handle your kids? How you cook food?

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