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Failure sucks but {Insert platitude here}

Failure sucks. There are no two ways about it.

Fail Forward. Fail Faster. Yes, yes, yes. But it doesn’t make failure suck any less.

But, after the disappointment of failure there is a brighter, bird filled side. Happy bird

I remember failing in college.

For years, I said I would study abroad, after all this is what college was about. Well, I got to my sophomore year and I realized that nope – I will not be studying abroad. I was devastated. I really had planned my junior year abroad like people plan weddings. I wrote an email to my mother stating that I was a failure and screwed up college. I lost my excitement about my senior year. I just didn’t see the point any more.

I came out the other side. I realized I needed to add some planning and intention coupled with action to my life. It was a “growing up” lesson.

I have failed since. I sometimes feel like I’m failing now. The great thing is my relationship to failure is changing.  I wish I could say it has changed. Alas, I am not so transformed as to dance with failure like it’s a long lost partner. So, for now, it’s a changing relationship and I’m happy about that.

One day I will be able to say without sarcasm:

“Every adversity, every failure, every


Until that time. I will play with my feelings of failure knowing that they are not me, but still make me sad.

How do you deal with failure?





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Food Glorious Food!

Hot sausage and mustard!

That is a great musical and certainly speaks to the love of food we all have. Whether you are a steak and potatoes or some combination of paleo vegan we understand that what goes in our body becomes our body. But what I really most about food are the memories.  Whether it reminds you of the food you ate in college, the food you ate when you were pregnant, or the food you had as a child – Food is a powerful reminder.

Which is why I {now} love cooking. It was not always that way. Actually it wasn’t that way for most of my life.

I love old food ads.


True story. The first time I cooked….. well, it wasn’t pleasant.

My parents believe that everyone can contribute to the family. When my brother and I were older one of the ways they saw our contribution was making one meal a week.


Me as a Cat disliking cooking

I did not like this.

I decided to make pasta.

I boiled water and threw in the pasta. I didn’t stir it and boiled it until it was a step before baby food. I stomped to the counter where the pasta sauce was. This pasta sauce was actually just the base you use to add your own spices, vegetables, and meatballs. I did none of these. I yanked out the drawer containing the can opener and angrily opened the can. (Yes, you can do that.) I stomped back to the stove containing the barely recognizable pre-baby food pasta and dumped it in. I took the pot to the table and said dinner was served.

I think we ended up eating out that night.

Needless to say – that was no longer part of my family contribution.

It is certainly fun when I look back on it now. And my parents and I still have a good laugh about it. What is your first food memory?


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Being Flexible


What events do you have going on this week where flexibility will be key?

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Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mum

By any other name she is still awesome times infinity.


This past Mother’s Day I started reflecting on the woman I am because of my mother.  And for all intents and purposes I’m awesome therefore; she is awesome times infinity. The reason I say this is because of the building blocks she gave me to live my life.


1.  I don’t take myself too seriously.

This by far is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. This allows me to learn from others, admit my mistakes, and have fun with life. I know this has had a great impact because I continually network and partner with people who are in my industry doing the exact same thing as I am doing with their own business. And instead of having the mentality that there are only so many clients to go around. I make friends with them and learn how they view and participate in our industry. This has led to some of the best unexpected professional growth.


2. I protect my family

When me and my brother were stationed in England with my parents I was in charge. I was the big sister. So he had to do what I said. And what I thought my mother said was not take the bus home. We were supposed to take the bus home. Yea, were were there 5 hours (before cell phones) and my mother was frantically looking for us.  Even when the Police officer rolled up and asked for me by name, he wasn’t my mother and I wasn’t sure If I should go with him. Imagine a 12 year old giving a police officer the side eye. Needless to say we reunited with our parents and got home.



3. I’m willing to learn anything new

Currently I am sitting in an exercise that I was invited to attend without knowing really what my role would be. What’s an exercise you say? It is a large scale training program that corporations, hospitals, government entities, etc participate in and simulate events to make sure they are ready for them. So it’s like a hospital pretending there is an earthquake and going through the process and of what to do when the lights go out and half of the wing is inaccessible.   Let me say this again – I haven’t done this before but I am excited!



What has your Mother done for you that makes you the person you love today?


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What’s your passion?


Often time we go through life picking and choosing who and where we are really going to share ourselves with. This seems like a smart choice because it protects you. However, it also limits your unadulterated enjoyment of life. When you have areas of your life that you choose not to give your thoughts,ideas, or your commitment. Those areas falter. You falter.

When you withhold your commitment from certain circumstances or people they don’t get the best of you. But your commitment, who you say you are in life, is what gives you the vitality that people are drawn to. Have you ever had a conversation where at the end you were excited, had more energy, and were ready to take on the world? That was your commitment speaking. And if you manage to live inside that  – your life would be on fire.

What is your commitment?

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What are you committed to in life? Share in the comments.


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What are you going to live your life for? Share.

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