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Learning from spilt milk?

Hindsight is a terrible thing. It leads you to believe that what is so patently obvious to you now should have been patently obvious then. This, of course, is not the truth. What is true, is that now is the best time to sprint forward. Because let’s be serious, hindsight will always add its two cents. What you cannot recover from is middling around until the opportunity is no longer an opportunity but this:



And that is just sad.

However, curiosity got me and I ruminated on what I would tell my younger self.

This is what I came up with:

1. Communicate – People actually like to here your opinion,thoughts, and ideas when they care.

2. Your body will do weird things – Don’t let the mechanics of your body being your body let you stop living your life.

3.You’re Enough – Who you are is enough, you just have to share.

But that really doesn’t matter because the Journey is how I got here. Besides, if I told myself what I know now I’d have a whole host of other things to learn.

Now here’s a doozy. We all know what we would tell our 11-year-old self is patently obvious. What would you tell your last week self?




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Working hard or hardly working?

Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Hm. I think not. I get the premise but don’t believe it.  To me, that sounds like marry your best friend and you’ll never have to work at marriage.


One of the things I have learned about working with others in a corporate environment is that people matter.  They can make the work situation amazing or they can make it a death of a thousand cuts.


However, I can’t say that I have had a bad experience. Some eye brow raising but nothing that induced me to bludgeon people.  I would really love to hear your best and worst experiences! Share! Share! Share!


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Today is MLK Jr. day. What does that mean to you? Do you think people have allowed it to become another day off or are we really honoring his memory? For me, it’s an opportunity to reflect and reconcile my words with my actions – to take the time out to ask myself, “What do I like about my life” and realizing that a whole lot of what I like about my life is because of what MLK, Jr. stood for, what he believed in, and how unshakable his faith was.  I am I because he was he. Thoughts?

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I’ve been learning a lot about accountability lately. Mostly that I need a partner in crime.

I have been trying for months, no lie, to start exercising. And I did pretty well for a bit. I would get up and do pilates and then start my day. But I noticed that that was beginning to taper off. I would get up less or later. In the end, the pillow became my workout buddy.

This was all until I got an accountability partner. Or rather, a workout buddy. And while the first couple of times were hard-6am is no friend of mine. It got easier because someone else was counting on me.I gave my word to someone else and I had to fulfill on that And in turn it has gotten easier to fulfill on my word to myself. And that has opened up a whole new world.

Being able to keep my word to myself has opened up a whole new world. You know how you set a list of things to do and yet you get distracted and at the end of the day your list is still there?  Well, keeping your word to yourself allows that list to get done. Which means life moves along like you say it will. Now, life will throw you nun chucks when you asked for a bat. But hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

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