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#SWIBA – Stiletto Women in Business Awards

This past weekend I attended the Stiletto Women in Business Awards and it was phenomenal. I got a great chance to meet women who were up to big things. It reminded me that no one can operate in a silo and its necessary to get out and be inspired by others. That’s how we get the drive to keep on moving.


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WHO? Awards!

We would love to present to you, our first annual WHO? Awards. 

We would love to see women recognized for all that they do and the difference that they make. This is your opportunity. We invite you to honor your girlfriend, by nominating her for a WHO Award. Now is the perfect time, to take time, to honor this amazing woman.

WHO?Bags International would like to recognize women who have been a catalyst for change in their communities. These women make a difference in the lives of others through their efforts in the fields of entertainment, local humanitarian outreach, global humanitarian outreach, economics/financial education, literature, relationships, science, religion, medicine, military and law. Up to one woman from each category will be selected.

Some nominees will be famous trailblazers while others will be unsung heroes. Nominees must have been actively engaged in their field in 2011 and have been consistently engaged in their field for at least one year. A National and Community Champion will be chosen in each field and announced by 31 March 2012. Each winner will receive a small cash prize, a certificate and the opportunity to discuss their project on our blog.

  Here’s your chance to rock her world … and all it takes is 15 minutes of your time. Click here to nominate her or email her nomination to  All nominations are due by29 Feb 2012. Nominations are limited to 500 to 1000 words. Please include what she has accomplished and the impact. Be specific. The nominator’s contact information must be included with the nomination. Celebrate a woman in your life by telling her story! Do it now, do it for her.

From our heart to yours,
WHO?Bags International

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Empowering Young Girls

Meet Evelyn Mickles, a WHO?Woman who is out to make a difference in the lives of young girls.    Evelyn created and presents a program to empower young girls called “Power Up”. Power Up is dedicated to young girls who want to live a life of hope and possibility.

Power Up is an open forum for young girls to discuss issues ranging from gossip, honesty, sex, abortion, and homosexuality in the context of faith. The young girls are encouraged to seek the God in resolving these issues for themselves and to live a fulfilled life.   The first session of Power Up was held on June 4, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. 14 girls from the ages of 12 – 18,   had their voices heard and their lives impacted.

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The event started with an icebreaker and then an inquiry into the topics that mattered to them (gossip, honesty, sex, abortion, and homosexuality).  They discussed what they knew, what the word of God says, and the consequences of different choices.  On the topic of sex, the girls had lots of questions.  They seem surprised to hear that everyone (Christians and non-Christians) are not having sex.  We found that listening to them was just as important as teaching them.

The program was a big success and was sponsored in part by WHO?Bags International.  All of the girls received a WHO?Bag with inspirational messages embroider inside that said, “You are amazing, beautiful and God loves you.”  They loved the bags.  The looks on their faces was priceless.  They were told to keep these precious gifts as a token of God’s love for them.  The girls had a lot of fun and we watched how the Lord changed lives that day.


Where do you think young girls in your life get reliable information about these  topics?

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WHO? In the world – NAWOSB

WHO?Bags International will be in attendance at the National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses Network Mixer.    This will be next Thursday June 23 at the The Melia Hotel in GA.


Their goals and values are what we as WHO?Bags International support. We will be participating in their scholarship fundraiser by giving away a WHO?Bag.  Some lucky person will walk away being acknowledge or being able to acknowledge someone in their life. Come out to see us. We will also be having a secret sale that you have to be there to get!


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The National Black Arts Festival 2010 — WOW!

WOW! is the only word that describes the people we met at the Festival.  It was awesome & inspiring  to listen to what matters to people and the people they love. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the WHO?Bags booth to talk and check out our personalized bags.

Thanks to everyone who nominated s woman in their life as a Radiant Woman.  Keep those nominations coming as we create a tidal wave of love by acknowledging 1000 women by 31 Dec 2010.

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Adventure=Snow in Atlanta.

So, it is snowing now. In Atlanta.  In March. And it will be an adventure to drive around today in precipitation that we southerners tend not to have a lot of dealings with.  But I will, cause I am up for the hilarity that will surely ensue.  And I am also currently working on a trip to the Amazon. The reason I am planning this trip is I went to the orchids section inside the botanical gardens and fell in love. The little plaque said they were from the Amazon and the next logical conclusion for me was that I needed to go there.  I am soooo excited and ready for this adventure that I can’t wait for it to happen. In the mean time I do have some more local domestic trips planned and then there’s China…… But that is another trip.

But adventure does not have to be trips and traveling. It is life itself. And while I don’t have kids I know (because I am one, and shall always will be in my mother’s eye) that we can be an exciting and exhausting adventure for out parents. Adventure can be the journey to pay down all your debt (which I am on), starting a new relationship, or buying a house. Adventure is anything where you step outside yourself and the ordinary and blaze your own trail. Which means you need to give yourself more credit than you do.  I mean starting a relationship with a new person, and getting to know them and being vulnerable. That’s brave.  There are always reasons why not to trust people and creating that trust anyways is incredibly brave and courageous.

Get to know yourself as the awesome person you are. Really.

What brave, courageous, and adventurous things have you done today?

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