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This makes my heart sing…

This will be short and simple. My favorite quote ever:

I'll be loving you until the day 8 x 8 x

Here is the song that it comes from. I love the interlude. You cannot listen to this and not be happy.


Where do your favorite quotes come from?



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Girlfriend Parties and Summer Tours

Have you ever tried to create something and it just wasn’t coming?

Have you ever tried to create something and it flowed flawlessly?

The WHO?Women have often created what was next for WHO?Bags. It would be hard and a lot of back and forth about various ideas and then getting sidetracked on a miscellaneous piece of information.

This time was different,  this time the creation process was magical. It flowed and everyone kept themselves on track working toward the main goal of a future that would impact everyone.  And the only thing that was different was communication and completion.

From that session we created a future that we could live into. Out of that weekend WHO?Bags created Girlfriend Parties and Summer Tour. Check them out below.

Girlfriend Parties

Girlfriend Parties are awesome parties that combine excitement, love, and a wonderful shopping experience! You will be able to create a unique custom WHO?Bag from the ground up. If you need it, there will be a trained expressionist there to help. People who have attended these parties have left with an affinity for the women there that surprised them! One guest even stated that she thought everyone knew each other when in fact everyone was a stranger! If you want to host a Girlfriend Party contact us!

Summer Tour

We decided that more of the world needs to see a WHO?Bag! To that end we are touring cities this summer to get new fabric and new expressions in your hand! Our lists of cities includes New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville, and more! If you would like more details look at our Facebook page or email us at whobags {at}

We are looking forward to an exciting future and will definitely keep adding to it!

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Say What?: Restoring Communication Breakdowns

The women of WHO attended a business conference last week and had a great time. We were in a space of learning and expanding ourselves becoming bigger than we were and getting excited in the process.  However, I just wanted to share three things that became really present to me last weekend. (As a side note, I began writing a lot and so am splitting this post into 2 or 3)

1. Communication with your team will allow anything to be resolved.

During the course of the conference one of our members got in a funk. There was a miscommunication causing a breakdown in the team. This breakdown lasted a whole day affecting our group of women who are working toward a goal.

Your team can consists of any group of people in your life. And breakdowns in that team have ripple effects. You start off arguing with your spouse and you arrive at work still angry.  Make sure you have the hard conversations even if you don’t want to. They are the stepping-stones to clear communications, clear relationships, and powerfully moving forward. To have these hard conversations try this:

1. Ask what is they are thinking, not what is wrong. People are trained to say “nothing is wrong”. Get them talking about what is bothering them. We are connected to people on a fundamental level. If you feel something is off it probably is.

2. Remember it is not about you. Sometimes people explode for no reason and you might have taken it personally. Remember it is in reaction to something that is happening internally. So give them the grace to be human. Give them the grace to express themselves before you try to “fix it”. Trust me, it will make a difference.

3. Continue doing you because you never know who is looking. When you are working on your goals and it seems like no one is watching, someone is. This is the age of the internet. If you are out there and sharing you never know who is watching you.

4. Love fully, Share Completely, Trust Wholly. If you ever say you can’t because “something” happened to you, you have limited the heights of your interactions with people and consequently all the beautiful things that happen between people.

How do you deal with breakdowns in communication?


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WHO? Awards!

We would love to present to you, our first annual WHO? Awards. 

We would love to see women recognized for all that they do and the difference that they make. This is your opportunity. We invite you to honor your girlfriend, by nominating her for a WHO Award. Now is the perfect time, to take time, to honor this amazing woman.

WHO?Bags International would like to recognize women who have been a catalyst for change in their communities. These women make a difference in the lives of others through their efforts in the fields of entertainment, local humanitarian outreach, global humanitarian outreach, economics/financial education, literature, relationships, science, religion, medicine, military and law. Up to one woman from each category will be selected.

Some nominees will be famous trailblazers while others will be unsung heroes. Nominees must have been actively engaged in their field in 2011 and have been consistently engaged in their field for at least one year. A National and Community Champion will be chosen in each field and announced by 31 March 2012. Each winner will receive a small cash prize, a certificate and the opportunity to discuss their project on our blog.

  Here’s your chance to rock her world … and all it takes is 15 minutes of your time. Click here to nominate her or email her nomination to  All nominations are due by29 Feb 2012. Nominations are limited to 500 to 1000 words. Please include what she has accomplished and the impact. Be specific. The nominator’s contact information must be included with the nomination. Celebrate a woman in your life by telling her story! Do it now, do it for her.

From our heart to yours,
WHO?Bags International

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I heard a word.

Every year the 5 WHO?Women get together and create what that year will look like for WHO?Bags. This year we each picked words that would ground us in all that we do. We each played around with what we wanted from this year and what particularly inspired us. This is what we came up with:


Living Inside of Our Word
• Pamela – integrity and gratitude
• Tamay – commiment and authentic
• Michelle – intregity and profound making a differnce
• Tamara – integrity and  powerful listening
• Evelyn – integrity


These words will be the basis for our actions and reactions. They are our chosen North compass point for 2012. What words have you picked for 2012? If you haven’t picked one, it’s never to late. We want to know!

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Black History Month

So it is Black History Month(BHM). What exactly does that mean? Why is there a month? It often occurs to me appreciation should be more consistent and not a month long marketing blitz. But I digress.

What I want to highlight is acknowledgment and what it creates. BHM was created as a space to acknowledge all the contributions that black people have made in an on going manner. So what does acknowledgment do? It allows for us to let others know we appreciate them and, in turn, get really present to who they are for us. So, have you ever thanked your mom for what she did for you? (birth, diaper, feeding, the whole nine yards) And realized in that moment how much she did for you? It’s really an amazing thing. You can do that with anyone. Even if you don’t know what to say – create something and watch it be true. Yea, it does sound like a lot of blah blah. But I guarantee if you take it on. You will be amazed by what you walk away with.

It’s the same with BHM. Really taking the time to look at the contributions that were made which allow us (us being anyone who can breathe) to do what we do is really quite amazing. Take for example Mae C. Jemison who was an astronaut when it wasn’t cool, or Matthew Henson whose boundaries were limitless, or even Zora Neale Hurston who was a prolific writer during the Harlem Renaissance. These people followed their passion and consequently new realms were opened to us. Kinda cool.

For me, what these and others have done is create a space for me to try things out and know that I can do them, no matter what others say. What did they do for you?

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When Did You Become a WHO?Woman?

So, what exactly is that?

I’ve heard it so much I ‘m used to the phrase, but it occurred to me others might not be.  So I thought I’d share quickly. A WHO?Woman is a woman who is inspired and unstoppable in anything that matters to her. Now, its easy to say “That’s not me ’cause I have this issue and this issue and this is not working in my life.” But, if you think about it.

Really think about it.

You are.

You are because you wake up every day and you do the d*mn thing. You persevere for others and are resourceful. And whether your horn is aplenty now or a little lean, you make it happen. Remember that just because it does not look like you think it should, does not mean its not working. It just means it looks different.

For example,  I had a team call (I’m on a team to eliminate debt in our lives and to have freedom and ease around money) and when I got off the call I was a little disappointed. I thought people should have talked about certain topics to really get across that the team was having a positive effect in their lives. And my mom called me later and asked me how I felt things went and I was all well blah blah blah. And I won’t forget what she told me.  She wanted me to consider that the goals of the team were fulfilled because the team was talking about money with fun and ease and everyone was moving toward their goals. And I was like well, when you put it that way yea it was a success.

I say all that to say- take a step back. Sometimes we are so focused on specific measures that we forget the success in our lives. So declare yourself a WHO?Woman! And share with us. What makes you inspired and unstoppable?

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